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The Red Force FC Academy is a club built in the likes of its founder Gabriel Vega, who has served the soccer community at many levels in south Florida for years. The Club’s semiprofessional Men’s team was founded in 2009 by Gabriel, and it is managed by his son and club’s President Christian Vega. The Men’s team competes in the third tier of the United States Soccer Federation professional structure and has become one of the most recognized adult teams in the country. This family-run operation has selflessly opened the door for countless players to actualize their dreams as collegiate athletes and professional soccer players. Beyond sport, they have aided in the successful growth and development of their young players into respectable, successful, and contributing members of the local community.


The Red Force FC Academy is an extension of the semiprofessional team and will continue this mandate with the goal of helping our players reach goals of all levels. The Red Force FC Academy is operated and overseen by Academy Director Omar Persad and members of the Red Force FC Men’s team. With Omar’s passion, desire, and proven record of helping players obtain higher education through athletic scholarships, and players succeeding into the professional ranks, he is the perfect choice to continue the outstanding work the Vegas' have attributed to the youth soccer community in Miami.

The Red Force FC Academy and Professional staff all maintain a network of college and professional contacts, internship opportunities, tutoring services, as well as community outreach work. Furthermore, we will help our Academy family members by giving them the opportunity to reach goals of all levels.


More than soccer, this is a family. We invite you to be part of something great.


Welcome to Red Force FC Academy!

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